2018 Summer Camp on Clear Creek
Session Ages Dates Cost
Primary I Entering 1st-3rd with adult May 25-27 TBD
CREATE! Entering 9th and 10th May 27-June 1 TBD
Junior High I Entering 6th-7th May 30-June 5 TBD
Sophomore Camp Entering 8th-9th June 8-16 TBD
Middler Camp Entering 5th-6th June 20-25 TBD
Elementary I Entering 3rd-4th June 28-July 1 TBD
Senior Camp Entering 10th-12th July 6-15 TBD
Junior High II Entering 7th-8th July 18-25 TBD
Bethany's Kids Inclusion Camp Entering 4th-8th with AND without disabilities July 24-27 TBD
Camper Buddy @ Bethany's Kids Entering 10th-High School Senior July 23-28 TBD
Elementary II Entering 4th and 5th July 28-Aug 1 TBD
Primary II Entering 1st-3rd with adult August 3-5 TBD

Father/Son Retreat

Mother/Daughter Retreat