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Summer Camps!

Well, that time is here! The busiest time of year and the time memories are made at Camp McDowell; Summer Camp!

It is my first time here during summer camp (I visited over the years as an adult, but never attended summer camp), and that smile in my picture is both excitement and a bit of apprehension. Will I cut it? Will I help make these camps a place to treasure in today’s campers future memory? Then, I remember that we have a great staff. Below is a picture of this year's summer staff setting up registration for our first day. They are great people infused with Camp McDowell spirit through their own experience of being campers here, and/or just their wonderful demeanor and passion. Passion for making campers' time enjoyable, fun and memorable.

Finally, I also remember what great campers we have coming. The first camp this year was Primary Camp. Parents and grandparents (aka "big campers"), together with their little campers, with many parents reliving their camp experience with their children. Sometimes, we wonder who the child in these moments is!

I am sure I will have more to share throughout the summer. It is an exciting time at Camp!


Greetings from the New Executive Director!

Greetings from the new executive director! As you may know, Mark Johnston retired, and I have the privilege, honor, and yes, big challenge of filling his shoes. I will be joined by my wife, Vivian, and 12 year old daughter, Lila, at Camp. We are looking forward to living on site sharing the joy and making our own memories here at camp. Please click here to read about me and my family.

I thought it might fun to have a monthly blog from camp just letting everyone know what’s happening, bits of history, or other interesting tidbits. So please check back regularly for information and fun facts.