There are many recreational opportunities for guests of Camp McDowell, some of which are listed below. When making your reservation, please let us know which amenities you would like to use during your stay. Use of our amenities must be scheduled, but we do not reserve these amenities for exclusive use by any group. If sharing space with another group poses a problem for the specific needs of your group, please let us know and we will work with you to plan a better way forward.

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Pools at Camp McDowell are open from May until September. Our summer camps use the pools almost every day, but please do not hesitate to ask if there's any availability for your group to swim during the warm and beautiful summer months.

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With five conveniently located playgrounds, finding space for your children to play and explore at Camp McDowell is a breeze. Let us know when making your reservation if you'd like lodging near a playground.

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Hiking Trails

At Camp McDowell, the hiking trail options seem endless. Scattered across our 1100+ acres, you'll find hiking trails for the active and walking paths for those who need a less strenuous option. Ask for a trail map or even a guided hike when making your reservation.

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Canoeing enthusiasts or beginners can find solace paddling on our five acre Sloan Lake as well as our wild and beautiful section of Clear Creek. Our portion of Clear Creek boasts year-round canoeing access, steep canyons, and pristine wildlife. Come and enjoy creation with us!