Alabama Water Watch Educator Workshop!

June 5, 2019 9am - June 6, 2019 4am

Join us as we travel down rivers through time to encounter the rich human history and natural wonders that have defined Alabama. Along the way, we will celebrate an array of magnificent rivers filled with unique plants and animals, shaped over the ages by a remarkably diverse geology. Accept the challenge to restore and protect our rivers for their economic, cultural, and ecological benefits, but most of all because it is the right thing to do...

- Text adapted from the back cover of

Alabama Rivers, A Celebration and Challenge

During the 1.5 day workshop, educators will learn to use An Educator’s Guide to Alabama Rivers which is a companion curriculum to Dr. Bill Deutsch’s book, Alabama Rivers, A Celebration and Challenge. The Curriculum includes hands-on activities and lessons that are correlated to the AL Course of Study Standards for Social Studies and Science for grades 4-7, but is also adaptable for upper grades and other subjects.

Those who complete the training will be prepared to use the curriculum with their own students and will have the option of becoming facilitators who can share it with other educators within their organization.

Registration Fee: $35 (pre-registration required).

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