Magnolia Nature School

Alabama's First Nature Based Preschool

A Wonderful Place to Grow and Learn!

Magnolia Nature School is host to Alabama's first nature preschool and Camp McDowell's youngest summer program. Here, children ages 3-6 explore the farm, forest, and Streams of wonderful, wonderful Camp McDowell! Through hands-on experience and inquiry based learning, Magnolia is a place where curiosity is welcome and there are never enough answers. We are creating future stewards of the earth.

Magnolia Nature Preschool

Magnolia Preschool's mission is to provide a kindergarten readiness program allowing children ages 3-5 to explore the natural world thereby creating good stewards of God’s earth.

Our nature school is unique in that we partner with Head Start to serve our local community.

We spend the majority of our time outside exploring the forest, farm, and streams of Camp McDowell. We provide a diverse program that connects students to the land and their food and provides interactions with native wildlife that instill respect for those animals. Our students also experience art and music through coordination with the Alabama Folk School. Our program provides unique settings and experiences not found in a traditional school classroom.

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Summer Camp

Magnolia Summer Day Camp is geared towards our little explorers ages 4-6 and runs through June and July. From Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm, We spend our days exploring the farm, swimming, canoeing, rock wall climbing, and hiking!

Contact Information

Magnolia Director-Julie Camp

(205) 387- 1806 ext. 121