Staff Directory

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f: 205-221-3454

Deb Atkins.jpg

Deb Atkins

Doug Carpenter Dining Hall Manager

Ext. 118


Judy Bailey

Housekeeping Assistant


Scott Bailey

Waste Management


Sam Blackwell

Housekeeping Assistant

Kendra Burns.jpg

Kendra Burns

Animal Program Manager & Outreach Coordinator

Ext. 103

Marsha Cagle.jpg

Marsha Cagle

Kitchen Assistant

Julie Camp small.JPG

Julie Camp

Magnolia Nature School Director

Ext. 121


Julie Clark

Housekeepining Assistant

Kim Corson.jpg

Kim Corson

McDowell Environmental Center Program Coordinator

Ext. 108


Joe Darty

Maintenance Technician


Tina Darty

Housekeeping Assistant

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Keeley Davis

Camp Store Assistant

Ext. 120

Beth Dille.jpg

Beth Dille

McDowell Environmental Center Director

Ext. 108

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Meriwether Drummond

Camp Store Assistant

Ext. 120


Aubrey Gallegos

Farm Manager


Stacey Glenn, RN

Registered Nurse

Ext. 125

Carol Ann Head small.JPG

Carol Ann Head

McDowell Farm School Program Coordinator

Ext. 105


Lauren Herman

Magnolia Nature School Instructor

Bailey Hill.jpg

Bailey Hill

Folk School Coordinator

Ext. 111

Dave Hollaway.jpg

Dave Hollaway

Senior Naturalist

Debbie Hood.jpg

Debbie Hood

Kitchen Assistant

Stacey Huff.jpg

Stacey Huff

Kitchen Assistant

Corey Jones small.JPG

Corey Jones

Executive Director

Ext: 113


Ethan Johnston

Maintenance Supervisor


Maggie Johnston

Dean of Education

Ext: 107

Eva Kendrick small.JPG

Eva Kendrick

Conference Center Director

Ext: 101


Kathryn Kendrick

Summer Camp & Retreats Director

Ext. 102

Gennie Kilpatrick.jpg

Gennie Kilpatrick

Kitchen Assistant


Diana Legg

Housekeeping Supervisor


Christian Lloyd.jpg

Christian Lloyd

Eppes Dining Hall Assistant Manager

Ext. 127

camera shy.jpg

Chloe McCullar

Camp Store Assistant

Ext. 120


Tammy Jo McDonald

Housekeeping Assistant


Jody McSpadden

Chief Financial Officer

Ext: 110

Sam Millwood small.JPG

Sam Millwood

Camp Store Assistant

Ext. 120

Whitney Moore Shea small.JPG

Whitney Moore-Shea

Interim Executive Director

Ext: 104

Kate Murphy 2 small.JPG

Kate Murphy

Director of Marketing and Business Development

Ext: 112

MaKenzie Parker.jpg

MaKenzie Parker


Ext: 100

Jeremy Peltz.jpg

Jeremy Peltz

Food and Beverage Manager, Executive Chef

Ext. 114

Brandon Pennington.jpg

Brandon Pennington

Conference Center Coordinator

Ext. 130


Cynthia Reynolds

Housekeeping Assistant

Brittany Rohr small.JPG

Brittany Rohr

McDowell Environmental Center Operations Manager


Andrew Shea

McDowell Farm School Director

Ext. 106

Jordan Smith.jpg

Jordan Smith

Reservation and Special Events Manager

Ext: 116

Ann Emerson sorrell small.JPG

Ann Emerson Sorrell

Magnolia Nature School Instructor

Meredith St.Clair.jpg

Meredith St. Clair

Magnolia Nature School Kindergarten Teacher

Ext. 121

trina swafford hkp.JPG

Trina Swafford

Housekeeping Assistant

camera shy.jpg


Summer Camps & Retreats Coordinator

Ext. 122

Beth Tittle.JPG

Beth Tittle

Camp Store Manager

Ext: 120


Anthony Villarreal

Kitchen Assistant

Pam Vranich.jpg

Pam Vranich

Eppes Dining Hall Manager

Ext. 127

Rob Whaley small.JPG

Rob Whaley

Maintenance Technician

Julie Winkle.png

Julie Winkles

Kitchen Assistant

camera shy.jpg

Caleb Winters

Camp Store Assistant

Ext. 120


Laura Woods

Stough Dining Hall Manager

Ext. 124