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YOUTH SAINTS for Lessons & Carols

December 21, 2019 1:30pm - December 22, 2019 9am

Are you a 9th - 12th grader?

If YES - then we invite you to contact the Diocesan Youth Department by emailing alabamayouth@gmail.com or text to 205-370-7055 and request to be added to the list of YOUTH SAINTS for the upcoming event of Lessons & Carols at Wonderful Wonderful Camp McDowell!

9th - 12th graders are invited to help out at Camp McDowell's first-ever Lessons & Carols event by serving as "Saints" before, during, and after the event and dinner. Saints will help with tasks like greeting guests, handing out programs, and assisting in seating for the event as well as helping with set up, seating, and assisting in the dining hall for the meal in Doug Carpenter Hall. Saints will stay in the Stough Lodge dorms and receive the Christmas Dinner - both at no cost as a thank you for their service!

Be a part of this exciting event!

Email alabamayouth@gmail.com or text 205-370-7055 and let them know you're a Saint!

7 Reasons to be a Saint:

7 - A legit reason to come to Camp!

6 - See some of your camp friends!

5 - Stay for FREE in the Stough Lodge dorms!

4 - Practice your saint skills

(we know you have them)!

3 - A great way to kick off Christmas break!

2 - Be a part of the FIRST EVER Lessons & Carols

event at camp!

1 - When else would you be called a "Saint" by